baby dreams

Noah’s woken up crying two or three times in the past couple of days, which is really out of character for him.  I’ve awake and in the room as it happens, so I know he’s going from sleeping to screaming instantly.  It doesn’t seem like a problem, but I’m also not sure what could upset him so much so quickly.  And I keep wondering, if he’s having bad dreams, what would they be like?

When I watch him sleep, I can tell that Noah’s dreaming when his little eyes start to twitch, and sometimes his mouth will move like he’s eating or talking.  I think he has mostly good dreams, because he is almost always smiling when he wakes up.  But what is a good dream to a baby?  Being cuddled?  Floating in warm milk?  And what would be a nightmare?

I would say that almost every day in a baby’s life would seem like a nightmare to an adult.  Just think about it- you’re small and helpless, with dark shapes you can’t make out, swooping in and out of your vision, making sounds you can’t understand.  You can’t control your body, or your voice, or even your bowels, and people will appear out of nowhere and grab you, turn you, jiggle you, and plunge you in water.  And even with all that, Noah smiles all day long.  He understands how to give up control and trust me entirely, and he trusts that he’ll be kept warm and clean and fed.  This unconditional trust blows me away sometimes…

I guess the worst nightmare for him would be being stranded alone.  Which is why sometimes when Dave and I drive somewhere, I’ll ride in the back seat to keep Noah company.  My mom did the same thing as I drove her to the airport this morning- after three kids, she certainly understands babies fears.  Soon, he’ll be able to play with toys and suck his own thumb, and he won’t need me as much- which will be a relief, but also heartbreaking at the same time.


And for the record, I think that my tall tall baby is hitting an actual growth spurt, as opposed to his “normal” insane growth, which is causing the sleep crying because he’s both hungrier and sleepier.


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