Noah’s first cold

Oh, man, Noah has a virus.  It’s the first time he’s been sick, and it’s not easy!  He’s a little trooper, he’s still smiling as he gasps for breath and coughs.  It’s been rough on all of us, because he’s having trouble breathing as he eats, so he can’t get a proper meal or sleep.  Neither Dave nor I are sleeping well because his snotty breathing is so loud, and he needs to wake up to eat more often. 

I took him to the doctor on the first day because he was running a bit of a fever- one reading was as high as 101.1.  The last-minute pediatrician, someone from his regular doctor’s practice, was great- the way he explained it, if a one-month old baby with Noah’s symptoms came in, he’d be sent to the emergency room and spend two days in the hospital.  If a three-month old baby with the same symptoms came in, they’d send him home and just say to keep him comfortable.  So he was right in the middle in terms of whether to be terrified or calm.  He ran some tests, and told me to watch him closely, and call if he seemed at all worse.  Of course, Noah was smiling at him the whole time on the examination table, so he didn’t seem to be in much discomfort.  He’s still adorable, and very cuddly as he feels woozy.

Noah’s other new trick is he’s learning to talk loudly- he’s almost yelling, and he’s not upset, he just learned to really project.


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