Things Noah does with his hands

He can:

Touch his hands together in front of him.

Put one or both hands in his mouth when he wants to.

Look at his hands to entertain himself when he’s bored.

Not hit himself in the head when he’s tired anymore.

Hold his shirt with each hand- it would be even cuter if he had lapels or suspenders, so that there would be something really worth grabbing there.

Once, I showed him my fingers interlaced, and he copied it, but this trick hasn’t been repeated yet.  He also reached for his Grandma Hendry’s hands a couple of times when she was visiting last week, but that might have been random because he doesn’t reach for most stuff.  He’s felt his hair when his hands ended up there accidentally.  Dave has also seen him reach down and scratch his belly 2 or 3 times, but who can tell if he’s really itchy when he does it.



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