At nursing group yesterday, I weighed Noah and he came in at 14 pounds even, at 2.5 months old.  Yes, he is a giant baby.  I’m starting to have trouble lifting him out of the sling when I wear it- my arms are exactly the length they need to be for his feet to clear the sling when I lift, so if he gets an inch taller I won’t be able to pull him out that way.

In further discussion of how big Noah is, he’s at another awkward size for disposable diapers.  We learned the hard way the you shouldn’t cram a baby into diapers that he’s too small for- he had many overnight leaks and freedom-loving poos when he was at the top end of the up to 10 pounds diapers, so when he finished the 8-14 pound pack, weighing about 13 pounds, I bought a 12-17 pound pack.  But he’s really too small for this, and his legs seem too skinny, so they aren’t containing him that well, either.  What to do, what to do.  Wash the sheets, that’s what to do.

Let’s talk more about diaper habits, now that I’ve gone down that path already.  There’s been a couple of nights where he’s so deeply asleep at bed time, or we’re too tired, and we haven’t taken him out of the cloth diaper.  (Usually we only use disposables for overnight and for trips where we won’t have anywhere to change him.)  But now he seems just fine with sleeping all night with a soggy cloth diaper.  Hooray, I guess.  So we may be using even fewer disposables in the future.  

Back to sizes- his small cloth kit still fits him fine, but it’s only supposed to go up to 15 pounds.  I was really expecting more than 3 months use out of all these cloth diapers!  The next size kit (we’re using Bummis covers and tri-folds) is 15-30 pounds, and I’m going to have to decide pretty soon whether we’ll keep doing the cloth, or keep with cloth but try another style of diaper, or what.


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  1. Jennifer said,

    March 7, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    Aw… he is gigantic! Perhaps it’s time for you to start doing arm-lengthening exercises? I’m looking forward to pictures in the posts.

    Oh, and I had to break into mom’s email to find this blog. You shouldn’t make me do things like that… 🙂

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