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We’ve been back since Saturday, but I couldn’t possibly think about writing anything on the computer until the taxes were done.  Done and filed as of this afternoon, and we’ll be expecting the cash to roll in soon.

So, the summary of our vacation: Noah doesn’t like the same things we like.  His favorite part of every day was when we got to the hotel, lay him on the bed and tickled him.  But he did really well at going to lots of restaurants, and taking the bus and the cable cars, riding in his stroller, flying, having to nap in my sling, and seeing lots of strangers constantly. 

I was kind of burnt out on restaurants by the end of the trip- not only is it not good to eat that much rich food, but it was always a question of managing the baby.  The only easy meal was the first night we arrived, when he’d been awake the entire plane ride, and with the time change it was as if we were eating at 11 pm, so he slept through the entire meal.  There might be a brief time when he’s big enough to sit in a high chair but small enough to be able to sit still through a dinner, but I’m guessing it will be downhill from there.  We did go to the most fantastic restaurant in SF, Burma Superstar, where we had delicious tea leaf salad and Burmese noodles.  But after days of restaurants, I was so happy and relaxed when we just cooked our own pasta at the hostel.

the lighthouse hostel where we stayed

the lighthouse hostel where we stayed

Anyway, Noah cried at the beach, which was either too sunny or too windy for him.  He slept through the elephant seals that we carried him a mile to see.  He played with his rattle instead of looking at redwoods.  He slept through breakfast with Frances.  He didn’t understand the crazyness of the dogcatrat pyramid.  He hated wearing his hat, but he also hated the sun getting in his eyes.  He had to nurse twice when I tried to go to the Asian Art Museum.  And he had to sit in the most horrible, cheap car seat ever made, which is what the rental company gave us.  But I still think he had a great vacation because he got to spend lots of time with both of us- the plane ride alone was 6 hours of concentrated Mommy and Daddy time.  He got to wear disposable diapers for a week.  He liked hanging out in Union Square every day, and so did I.  And we got to see and do lots of great stuff. 

Noah shows mild interest in Buddhist prayer wheels

Noah shows mild interest in Buddhist prayer wheels

The Bhutan exhibit had videos of religious dances which were incredibly compelling to Noah.  He likes any kind of tv, and this was dancing in very colourful outfits, on really nice lcd screens.  He also liked the William Kentridge exhibit at SFMoma, which had lots of black and white videos on big screens and projections.  Of course, now he’ll expect tv every time we go to a museum.

We also discovered Noah’s new favorite carry position, which we call “sleepy tiger hold”.   Sleepy tiger is great for when Noah is feeling too tired to be upright, but he doesn’t want to recline because he doesn’t want to miss anything- it went well with his week of overstimulation.  Dave is holding Noah in sleepy tiger at the botanical gardens in Golden Gate Park.

bubbly water

bubbly water


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