week at the beach

Not only can Noah roll onto his stomach from his back, he can also rotate on his stomach- last night we watched him turn around 270 degrees.  Forward is still beyond him, but not for long!  He’s actually inching backwards as I type- he’s moved about 50 cm backwards in 10 minutes.

I need to write about the Outer Banks before it becomes too late to mention again.  There were remarkably few pictures taken for a week on vacation, so this may not get illustrated.  Being away last week is also why there were no posts…

Most people went down on Saturday, but we’d decided to not drive down until Sunday, because we had so much yardwork to do.  We were hoping to get even more done- the unfinished furniture is still unfinished, the speaker wire is not run, there’s more to do in the yard, but we did get a lot of things crossed off the list.  Dave was even planting strawberries right before we hopped in the car.  Noah was pretty good on the ride down, though it’s exhausting to travel with him- I usually end up riding in the back keeping him entertained.  He drank a couple of bottles with no fuss, so we only stopped a couple of times.

See, I’m forgetting things already!  The most important part of the ride down is that we realized after about 2 minutes that we had no air conditioning in the car.  It was hot- over 90 degrees- for the first time this year, so Dave hadn’t turned on the AC before that day.  So we got really really hot.  We had the windows open, and we wore lots of sunscreen and kept Noah’s shade up, but still all our breaks were because we wanted to cool off Noah, not because he needed feeding.  So one time we went into a Wendy’s for Frosties and nursed him, and our next break we stopped at a gas station, stripped the baby to his diaper, and took him into the walk-in beer cooler.  It was a long, hard drive (~7 hours road time, but it felt like forever.)

The morning after we arrived, the Mercedes had made a big oil stain on the driveway, so Dave spent a lot of time that week troubleshooting that, testing stuff, and trying to get the part he needed shipped to us in time.  At least he didn’t have to drive to work every day while figuring it out.  And his cousin was there helping him look at it and run to get parts and stuff, which was nice.

Out of the next five days at the beach, Noah and I only left the house twice (not counting going running).  One day we went to print off some pictures of Noah as a birthday present for his great-grandmother, and then on Thursday we went to the aquarium.  We couldn’t go on the kayak eco-tours or hikes we normally do with Noah, so we spent a lot of time hanging around the house with family.   Either Dave or I went running every morning, and we did lots of nothing.

Hanging out with family:

hanging out with family

We weren’t expecting Noah to enjoy the aquarium too much, but he loved it.  The tanks were all lit up like tv’s, and he loved watching the fish swim.  Through poor organization, we forgot to bring his stroller, so he was carried the whole day, but it was still a great outing.  We sat and nursed him in a dark room watching a huge shark tank, which was cool, and I got to pet some rays.



The weather was really great all week- it was actually too hot to enjoy running in the mornings.  Usually, we go so early in the season that we still need to wear jeans and windbreakers to walk on the beach, but it just happened to be hot this year.  I think the warmest we’ve ever had.  We rented an ocean kayak for the week, and did some paddling.

On Friday, Noah put his foot in his mouth for the first time.  He spent most of the week in just a onesie, having a great time with his bare feet, so we could tell it was coming. 

Friday was also the big beach day for me and Dave.  There was nothing left he could do the car, and we asked Dave’s mom to watch Noah so we could both go out in the water together.  The other time we went in the water, we had Noah down under a big umbrella, in a wind barricade, covered with sunscreen, with his hat and long pants, while we took out the kayak one at a time.  Leaving Noah up at the house was much better for all of us.  We left her with a bottle, and we were only at the beach in front of the house, so she could call us in if there was trouble.  And there was none.  He took the bottle wonderfully, because she fed him before he got really hungry and frantic.  There was an explosive poop episode, but there were lots of other people in the house to give her a hand as she tried to figure out where we’d left all the diapers and things. 

So Dave and I took the kayak out in a pretty high surf, which was really exciting (Dave also took Corrie out, and the kayak flipped or she fell out at least 4 times, hitting her head each time) but we went through some huge waves with no disasters.  We also swam a bit, and then started talking about boogie-boarding, so Dave went and bought us one, and I tried that for the first time- it’s like a mini-surf board you ride on your stomach.  So we boogie-boarded, and got wet and tired and scraped up, and I worked on building a sand-turtle with Steve, and just hung out on the beach.  It was intensely care-free, exactly like the beach should be. 

Noah barely slept all week- he didn’t take any naps longer than 20 minutes, but still was up 2-4 times each night.  He’s not a big napper anyway, but this was even less than usual.  This is why I don’t get that much done during the day!  But he started to catch up on the drive back on Saturday- he must have slept for at least 4 hours in the car, which is a huge amount, then he slept like crazy on Sunday, too.  The pack-n-play came in really handy to give him a place to sleep (and to keep the three dogs away from him) but he may not have relaxed as much in it as in his regular crib. 

Noah also sat in a high chair for meals- the house came with a plastic chair with a cushion, which was kind of crappy, but it could recline enough for him to kind of sit in it.  So he sat with his toys, or a slice or lemon or a celery stick, through all our dinners.  Noah pretending to eat celery is about the cutest thing ever.

Anyway, he seems back to normal now, and we’re getting back to our regular routines.  And tomorrow is his doctor’s appointment, so he’ll get an official weighing and measuring.  It’s still kind of cold and rainy here, so I want to keep him in footie pants, but his 6-monthers are getting very tight, especially with the cloth diapers.



  1. Eileen said,

    May 6, 2009 at 4:54 am

    Wow! It sounds like you guys had a great week. We are supposed to get snow here tomorrow 😦

  2. Eileen said,

    May 14, 2009 at 5:46 am

    And it snowed today (May 13). Huge giant flakes the size of nickels and dimes. It was crazy, but fortunately it didn’t last long.

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