hitting the highway

Driving with Noah is never fun, but we’re getting better at it.  It’s a 7 hour drive to the cabin, and we left on Tuesday after work- around 3pm.  I tried to keep him from napping as much in the morning, so he would spend more time sleeping in his car seat, and we also tried to get all the crawling in we could.  So he did sleep a fair bit in the car- we also sang songs, got out his new toy from Grandma Hendry, read books, and played bunny.  The ride was still pretty exhausting- also, it’s very cramped in the back seat because the baby seat takes up a lot of room, and the front seat is broken in the fully back position, so it’s not so comfortable for a long ride.  But, for Noah’s benefit we stopped and had a great picnic dinner at a state welcome centre, and pulled over another time to feed him, so it gave us some good breaks.  Packing snacks for roadside picnics is definitely our new favourite.

The best way to keep Noah entertained is by feeding him treats- now that he eats baby food, it’s much easier than getting him to take a bottle.  So I was giving him a jar of pears, but it was a pretty tiny jar, so then I mixed up some of the cereal he eats every day.  Which is clearly nowhere near as good as pears- this is the day that Noah learned to spit out food he doesn’t like.


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