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This update will be more news than entertertaining stories- let’s call it infotainment. 

Last week on Monday and Tuesday Noah was fussy and a bit of a pain- then I saw the little red lines on his gums.  His bottom two teeth broke through on Thursday, and he was much better then.  Sharp little kitten teeth!  One more step to becoming a big boy.  Dave went to the Thursday night run in Media for the first time, and he had a great time, but he reports that I would have to be faster to have fun there, because I hate to be the worst at stuff.  He figures if I can run 4 miles in 36 minutes, I’d fit right in there with the slower runners, so it will be a while before that happens.  I don’t expect to run much until it cools off in the fall, anyway.

On Friday night, I went to my book club and Noah was absolutely fine about hanging out with Daddy for 3 hours.  He ate peaches, cereal, and apple/banana mush, and they played some games, and went for a long walk in the Ergo.  Dave actually called me around 8:15, and I thought it would be a call to say that Noah had been screaming for hours, like last time, but it was to say that Noah went to sleep fine, so I didn’t need to hurry home.

Saturday we drove to Long Island for Ian’s annual pool party.  We almost never make it because he usually holds it over the July 4th long weekend, and we’re up at the cabin, but this year he had it later so we could go.  Ian is a friend from the fraternity, so most of the brothers were there- Dave is the first brother to have a kid, but a couple of the others are married and wanting to soon, and there’s some excellent uncles there, too. 

DSC_0325 (Medium)

There were also some other young kids there, from Ian’s other friends, so Noah got to play with another baby who was about a month older than him.  And by play, I mean Noah stole his toys, touched his face, and showed off how he was better at crawling than the other baby.  The mom was really friendly and kept handing Noah toys, which Noah loved because they were new to him, and the other baby didn’t care about because they were old, so Noah ruled that blanket.  He also partied all the other babies into the ground- he took one tiny 15 minute nap since noon, and was still raring to go when we left at 11 pm.  I think he didn’t go to sleep until 12:30 am- I finally just put him in his pack’n’play and went to sleep, expecting him to start crying.  So either he put himself to sleep, or he stayed up until he wanted to be fed at 3.

DSC_0323 (Small)

Noah takes what he wants

We didn’t end up going in the pool because it wasn’t actually that hot.  But Noah loves bath time now- he can really crawl in the tub, so he chases his rubber ducky up and down, and tries to get up and get all the shampoo bottles.  He will be a swimmer, eventually!  Other kids were also dropping like flies at the party- one or two fell in the pool and had to get rescued, and another one got bit when he dropped his food, the dog picked it up, so the kid reached into the dog’s mouth to get it back.  Noah would have done either of those things if he had half a chance- he loves to find the most dangerous thing he can.

devil duckie, you're the one

devil duckie, you're the one

The drive back was actually pretty easy because Noah had slept so little the day before- he was out about as soon as he got in the car seat.  We stopped at Dave’s parents on the way down and did some gardening, pulled weeds and picked blueberries and beans, and had dinner with them.  I guess it had been 3 weeks since we’d seen them- Noah did his first pulling up to standing the day they all left the cabin, so they hadn’t even seen that trick.

While we were away, Noah started to refuse solid foods.  I’m not sure if it’s related to his teeth, or just a phase, or because we were travelling, or if he’s holding out for peaches, which is definitely his favorite.  I’m trying to make him eat vegetables, but he wouldn’t even take sweet ones he’d eaten before, like sweet potatoes.  Monday night we got him to eat some carrots, but it took some doing.


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  1. Mom said,

    July 30, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    Noah — the party animal! Imagine what he’ll be like as a teenager!

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