Lately, Noah’s been showing some very grown-up emotions.  He got really upset one day when Dave was tickling me- he was almost crying because he thought that I was upset.  And it’s not just for me, either.  The other night, Dave was playing with Patina with Noah’s bunny puppet.  Noah always gets tickled by the bunny, and he loves it, he knows that the bunny is only pretending to get him, he totally gets the joke.  But Patina and the bunny play a little different, and Noah started yelling at them to stop.  He was making this sound that we’ve never heard before, and was staring in a very upset way.  He got a bit less upset after a while, but he was still sure there was something weird going on, and he kept staring, trying to figure it out.

Noah is also trying to pass toys back and forth now.  It’s very sweet and cute, but he doesn’t actually know to open his hand and let go when he offers you a toy.  So he mostly ends up just putting his ball in your face, or hitting the kitty with his toy when he tries to give it to her.  Yesterday at the playground, a little girl who is about three did a great job of trading him a truck for his ball.  It’s nice for him to play with older kids who can show him that kind of thing.

The other thing that Noah has really been working on for the last 3-4 days is talking.  There’s been a lot of high pitched monkey squeaks, which just mean that he’s happy, but he’s also been doing lots of proper babbling.  It’s getting more complex, too, so he’s making strings like daw-daw-yaw-yaw-dah-dah-dah.

Also, he got chubby last week.  He’s always been such a skinny guy, and his cloth diapers give him a bulky look anyhow, so I’m not sure exactly when he got all plump.  But I took a picture of him last week and when I looked at it, I could see his belly peeking out between his shirt and his diaper.  It’s a proper little baby buddha belly now.  His legs are also much bigger, but that’s all muscle from all the standing and cruising he does these days.

I’m having a great day today because Noah slept from 10:30 until 7 and only woke up twice.  I wish I knew what thing we did differently that we should repeat.  He ate a big early dinner, then took a late nap, and stayed up later than normal, and Dave put him to bed instead of me, and we had the windows open so you could hear the crickets…


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