On Friday, I took Noah to ACAC.  I didn’t get there until 2, which is exactly when the day care closes for an hour and a half to clean and sanitize, so I didn’t actually get to work out, we just went to the pool.  The kids pool there is wonderful- there is a big area that ranges from 6 inches to 1 foot deep, and there are water squirts and these buckets that fill with water then tip and pour out all at once.  And there’s a waterslide, too, but that’s a little advanced for Noah.

Noah had a lot of fun crawling around in the shallow area.  He kept trying to crawl into the part that was too deep for him to breathe in, but he also got to splash and play with toys.  And he made friends with a very outgoing little girl- she was 4, and she was really great about passing him toys, and letting him chase her.  We were in for about 45 minutes- we would have stayed longer, but there were thunderstorms coming in so they made everyone leave the pool.

I also weighed Noah at the gym- 19 pounds of pure squirminess.  Everyone in the changing room was assuming he was a girl, even when he was in his light blue swim trunks- the rules say he’s allowed in the ladies change room until he’s two, but we might be kind of expected to move to the family change rooms earlier than that.

After that we went to Dave’s parents for dinner.  We hadn’t planned to stay for dinner, so I only packed breakfast foods for Noah, so we improvised- he ate a whole banana and then chewed on half a cob of corn through dinner.  It was the least wiggly and least fussy dinner we’ve ever had- the corn really keeps him busy.


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  1. Jennifer said,

    August 26, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    Aw… I bet he was adorable in the pool. Please add swimming (or swimming pool hijinks) to the list of things we want movies of!

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