I’m not so big on pants.  Neither is Noah.  Or Patina, if we were taking a household poll.  We spent all summer mostly not wearing pants- Noah did just fine in just a onesie except for fancy occasions, when we’d pop him in some overalls or his little plaid shorts.  But we suddenly turned the corner between hot and cold weather, and he’s going to have to be in pants all winter.  Which is going to be trouble.

Last winter, he could just wear footie pajamas all day, because he was just a wiggler.  But now that he stands up and cruises all the time, he needs good grip on his feet.  All of his baby socks have grippy treads on them, but his real problem is his draggy pant legs.  See, even though he’s a tall guy, pants that are big enough to fit over his cloth diapers are too long on him.  So right now, he’s got one pair of sweatpants that actually fit him.  All of his nice looking cotton twill pants are too tight to squeeze into.  All his big-butt pants are so long that he’ll slip on them.  I actually went to the summer clearance rack and bought him a pair of 4T knee shorts to wear as pants- they’re a bit long still, but the fabric is stiff enough that it doesn’t drag underfoot.  I’m going to have to do some hemming on most of his pants, though I don’t want to cut them as they should still fit when he’s out of diapers.

Anyway, when we went to the cabin I decided it wasn’t worth packing all his cloth diapers for 2-3 days, so he spent the weekend in disposables.  And he looked so cute and trim and grown-up in little boy outfits, and little brown pants.  It was so easy for him to have snap-up pants on, instead on trying to get pull-ons past his big bubble diaper.  This is maybe the thing that’s making disposable diapers seem better. 

Plus, Noah started doing lots of 2 second free stands last weekend at the cabin.  (!!!)  He’ll be holding onto something, then get distracted or pick up a toy, and just let go of his support and stay up for a bit.  I really think the disposables helped with that.  The cloth diapers are so convenient in not having to run to the store, and if they can slow down Noah’s walking, that’s a bonus convenience.


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  1. Eileen said,

    September 16, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    Noah can’t learn to use the potty until he can walk, but his diapers are making it harder to learn to walk? Dilemma!

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