baby kitty kitty baby

Patina’s been a little lonely lately- so lonely that she’s been hitting up Noah for petting.  Of course, he’s thrilled to pet the kitty, although I have to guard them vigilantly as they hang out.  She likes it enough to come ask for it, and she purrs as he tries to pet her, I just have to make sure he doesn’t grab and pull, or poke her eye, or overpet her, or use her as a brace to stand up.  Things are going pretty well, considering.  He’s only been scratched a couple of times, and I think he is learning the idea of Petting Nice.  I’m hoping this will also transfer to playing with other babies, too.

Anyway, today they finally found the intersection of their individual hobbies.  Since Cambridge, Patina has always liked to sit in the cupboard under the sink.  Noah loves opening cupboards.  And today, he finally got to open the forbidden cupboard and he found a kitty!  (I keep telling him that cupboard is full of dangerous stuff.)


1 Comment

  1. Eileen said,

    September 17, 2009 at 5:31 am

    Kitties are dangerous stuff. Especially your kitty.

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