Noah’s latest interests have been containers and climbing.  He’s really getting the hang of putting stuff inside of other stuff, and it’s really cute to see him putting a little tupperware in a big tupperware, or putting his blocks into their box.  Mostly it’s still about taking things out, but he does a bit of putting in to change it up.

The climbing has gotten kind of out of hand.  He has now figured out how to get on the couch by climbing on his toy box then over the arm, and he will also just stand on the toy box and play with things that were set on the windowsill to be out of his reach.  In the kitchen, he quit using my  step stool as a walker, now he climbs to the second step to try to reach stuff up high.


I got some nice 18-month secondhand clothes today from someone in my moms club, so I went through and took all of Noah’s summer and too-small clothes out of his drawers.  It was kind of sad to see these cute outfits that used to be too big for him, and now they’re too small.  But now he has lots of new cute stuff to grow into.


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