best day ever

Tuesday was probably the best day of Noah’s life.  Top three, at least.

We had a pretty regular morning until we went to Media for a playgroup at the public library there.  Noah was really shy around all the new babies at first- he spent about 20 minutes crawling into my lap and turning his face towards my shirt.  But when he got comfortable, he had a great time- there was this soft climbing toy that had a tunnel for crawling through, and 3 steps to climb up to a platform, then the other side was a ramp down from the platform- he loved it.  He’s been climbing up a storm lately- he gets up and stands on his toy box to play with the window levers, and then he can climb from there over the arm of the couch.  I had a good time at playgroup, too- there were a lot of moms there that I knew from Birthmark that I had kind of lost touch with, so it was fun to see everybody.

After the playgroup, we ran some errands, and Noah had a nice nap in the car and in the Ergo.  We think the Prius is a lot more comfortable for him than the Mercedes- the climate control is definitely better, and it’s so quiet and peaceful inside.

In the afternoon, Noah was just bubbly and fun, and we hung out at home and raked some leaves together- another of his favorite activities.

Noah helps

Noah helps


Then in the evening, we went to the public star gazing at Swarthmore College.  We were a little late- there was a talk at 7:30, then the viewing started about 8, and it was almost 8 when we got there.  So we didn’t want to go into the talk and interupt it, especially with Noah getting rowdy, so we waited in the hall of the Science Center for it to let out.  And Noah loved the hall of the Science Center.  It seemed pretty clean, so we let him crawl around, and he just went nuts.  He crawled everywhere, and giggled, and yelled lots of words because there was a neat echo, and stood up to feel the walls.  He loved that place.  The talk seemed to run really long, so Noah got to play there for a long time.  And almost everybody who passed said hi to him- it was even better than the mall for that.  He also got to stay up really late, and we had to walk extra after walking home, because he still wasn’t asleep.

He had such a good day that he woke up that night at 3 am, remembered how much fun he’d had, and got up to play again.  He still wakes up every night normally, but usually he just cries, nurses, and is back asleep within 10 minutes.  This time, he was crawling, and playing, and laughing for at least an hour before I could get him down.  I think it was just fun overload.


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