4 new tricks

Noah’s biggest trick is his new word: gi-ee.  This means kitty.  He says it every time we go into a room where she is, and we’ve been pretty sure it’s a word for the past week.  He has a few other combos that he’s saying pretty often- mummum, and dap and dada and ba, but we can’t figure out what he really means by them yet.  We thought balloon might be his next word, but that’s a pretty tough one to pronounce, so we’re trying to teach him ball instead.

In other news, he’s gotten so good at climbing the couch that he can now get onto the top of the couch back, and even stand up on the window sill.

He demonstrated his object permanence last night when he started to wonder if the witch’s balls that we have hanging in two windows were balloons.  Dave took him to see each of them, then he crawled to right under the red one.  The other one was then out of sight because it was in a window on the same wall, on the other side of the fireplace.  But he started pointing at where it should have been. 

And he has a new obsession with the bible.  He found a little red new testament that he’s completely obsessed with.  He threw his biggest tantrum ever when we took it away from him…so now that’s one of our toys of last resort.  He sits and opens and closes the covers, and says strings of Grimlin words in his soft little baby voice.

His walking remains consistent at about one or two steps before he sets down to crawl, and he will walk all the way across the room if I’m holding his hand.  His climbing, on the other hand, gets better and better, and he can now climb onto our bed from the floor.


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  1. Eileen said,

    November 27, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    Maybe Noah will learn to say “cat”, otherwise known as “catcatcatcatcat”.

    That’s what my neighbour’s little boy learned while mom & I were babysitting him in Yellowknife a couple years ago. He was just a month or two older than Noah is now, and he would crawl up to Nigel and touch him, then Nigel would walk away about four feet, stop, and wait for the baby to come get him. They were both having a lot of fun, and by the time the baby went back to his mom, he was saying catcatcatcatcat almost perfectly.

    It sounds like Patina is much more accepting of Noah than I would have expected, but I think Nigel might have an even higher baby tolerance level. 😉

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