So, I’ve been sick and I haven’t written about a whole lot of stuff that happened- most of it adorable.

The 18th was Dave’s birthday, and we managed to get reservations at Rudi’s on Park, which is a new restaurant opening in downtown Swarthmore.  It hadn’t even officially opened yet, but they were doing a soft opening to get the kitchen and wait staff warmed up, so we got in.  And it was such a fresh shiny place, not like how usually you have to eat in used restaurants.  It’s in a restored historic house, so there are four small dining rooms, and we got a room to ourselves for most of the meal- probably because we had a baby with us.  But Noah was a perfect gentleman.  He got all dressed up in his button-up shirt, and sat in the high chair and played with his toys, and pointed at the lights, and read his bible, and ate bits of all of our meals.  It was so clean in there, when he dropped his toys on his floor we just handed them back to him, which we do not usually feel like in restaurants. And of course, the hostess and waitresses loved Noah- I could even see the kitchen staff peeking out their window to see him.  He looks so cute dressed up!

After dinner we went back to our house for pudding.  It was really nice to have Angel and Earl down instead of going up there- we were right at home, which was great.  Noah got to crawl around, and we could mostly just let him because even though our house isn’t perfectly childproof, it’s not bad.  We could just relax and not have to keep wrestling him away from all the exciting things he wants to get into.  Dave opened his presents, and the big surprise was a banjo from his mom.  It wasn’t quite the right model for him, so he’s shopping around for the best choice now but he is signed up for banjo lessons starting next week, so he needs to get one quick.

Pretty much right after Dave’s birthday, I got sick.  It may have been the flu- I had pretty much every symptom from congestion and headaches to fever and upset stomach, ending up with the dry cough I tend to get.  So I was kind of sick and miserable for over a week because I couldn’t go out with Noah to all our usual activities.  At least I had Thanksgiving to get ready for, so I had something to do at the house.  We were trying to keep the chaos on Thanksgiving Day to a minimum, so I made or prepped almost everything beforehand.  Then Dave kept Noah busy pretty much all day while I finished up.  We ended up having: 2 Quorn turkey roasts baked with vegetables, green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry sauce, brussel sprouts with sauce, sweet potato biscuits, berry and asparagus salad, a mushroom risotto cooked in one of the pumpkins we grew, apple pie, and pumpkin pie.  For four and a half people.  It was just a ridiculous amount of food- the cooking and cleaning wasn’t too bad because we were so organized, but it was just so much stuff.  I used almost every tupperware we own to pack up the leftovers.  But it was really delicious, and Noah ate almost everything.  Still hates green beans, though.  Steven and Cori came by in the evening for dessert and green bean casserole, but we still have leftovers sitting in our fridge.  Getting kind of icky, now, too.

Besides the big meal, we had some pre-birthday gift-giving for Noah on Thanksgiving.  Angel bought him a really adorable winter coat, which came with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans.  It’s Calvin Klein: yes, the baby is wearing designers already.  It’s a really great coat, it’s cool-looking and has lots of quilting so it’s really warm, too.  The outfit said 18 months, but the coat and shirt fit perfectly right now, and the jeans are only a little long- we’re not sure it will last the winter.  But then today, I tried on the MEC fleecy suit that Eileen and Jen bought Noah last year, and it still fits him (snugly) even though it says 6 months. 

the new fall fashions are now here

The other present that she got him was a little over the top- it’s a ride on school bus he can also push as he walks, that flashes lights, plays music and sings and blows a horn.  He loved it.  It kept him busy all day, and kept him from hanging off the gate to the stairs.  I would have never bought him such a thing, because it’s so big, and all plastic, and electronic, and has a really annoying jingle.  But I was wrong.  Noah really wanted a toy like this, and I’ve been stifling him with my restrictive vision of what an acceptable baby toy is.  So hats off to Grandma, but I kind of hope he gets tired of it soon.

The other day when Dave went for his run, he had the jingle in his head for at least 3 miles.  “Stop and go, stop and go!  Off to school and take it slow!”  to the tune of “This Old Man”.


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