Word number three: ball.

Last night, I was bringing in some grapefruits, and Noah saw them and said, “Ba!  Ba!  Ba!”  So I let him play with one for a bit, and then we walked around the house and pointed at all the balls we could find.  Then this morning I got out the grapefruit for breakfast and he said “Ba ba ba” again.  So I would say it’s in there.  We’re trying to teach him ball for balloon, as well, because balloon is a much harder word.

He also just loves citrus.  I caught him this morning in the box of mandarin oranges, which I was keeping on the floor in the back.  He was pulling each orange out, taking a bite (skin and all) then putting it aside and taking the next one.  So now my baby smells very zesty.

The walking is going great, and he is now playing with my cell phone not just by pushing the buttons, but he’s holding it up to the side of his face and calling his kitty.


1 Comment

  1. elewinnek said,

    December 18, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    that’s adorable and zesty

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