new weigh-in

9 lbs 3 oz

This may seem like a decline to anyone who’s  been following Noah’s growth.  Well, there are actually two sub-30 pound mammals in our house, and Patina’s the one that went to the doctor yesterday.  Poor kitty- she hates car rides, and her troubles were just beginning.

The vet visit was a fiasco between Patina and Noah.  They both kept trying to get into the cupboard under the sink, Patina to hide and Noah to mess with stuff.  I was really upset about this because this cupboard had a sharps container full of needles, and a few needles lying around that had missed the container.  At first, the assistant moved the sharps container so Patina could hide a bit, but she kept running in there, and I was too busy keeping Noah out to talk to the vet, so eventually the assistant taped the cupboard handles together.  I really can’t believe that these were the first two mammals that have tried to go in that cupboard- you would think they would have petproofed it before.  Then Noah started to fuss because we were late for his nap, and the only thing that kept him quiet was looking out the window at the dogs in the waiting room- but this vet was so efficient, the dogs were never there very long.  Finally I sat him down to try to nurse him, and I sat on my car key’s panic button, so the Prius alarm went off outside…I don’t think we’re going to be their favourite customers.

Anyway, Patina’s been having an allergic reaction to the fleas, so even though the fleas are mostly gone, she has so much skin irritation that she’s lost all kinds of fur.  She has an ulcer in her eye (by ulcer they mean an infected scratch), and bacteria in her ears.  So we have a whole list of things we are supposed to administer to her now: eye drops two or three times a day.  Ear drops twice a day.  Ear washing once a day.  Benedryl twice a day.  Liquid amoxicillin twice a day.  So far, we’ve managed to give her the drops, although it’s really really hard to hold her down for it.  I’m not washing those ears- even the professionals could barely do it when we were at the vet.  She’s taken the Benedryl in a salmon-flavored pill pocket once, so we’ll see if she wises up to that soon.  And so far she’s gone without eating for 24 hours rather than taking her amoxicillin which is mixed into canned food.  Plus, she’s so miserable and doesn’t understand why we keep torturing her, so she’s trying to suck up during non-drop time, and she’s been pretty much glued to my lap. 

Oh, I weighed Noah at the gym last Friday, and he’s 23.2 pounds with clothes and a disposable diaper- probably 23 pounds even.  We have a doctor’s appointment on the 19th so we’ll get an official number then.


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  1. Jennifer said,

    January 7, 2010 at 2:34 am

    Aw… poor Patina! She must be one miserable kitty. I suspect that ear washing is on par with claw clipping – really only possible if she’s drugged. I hope her avoidance of the amoxicillin doesn’t result in the infection spreading; I don’t think the pirate look would really suit her.

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