Noah’s fast.  Real fast.  He’s fast at crawling and running and crying and climbing and laughing.  But he’s even faster without a diaper.

We went out to a playground near our house today- it was a really nice, sunny day, warmer than it’s been in a long time.  He was climbing some of the stairs, and playing on the wobbly bridge, and he got some mulch on him that had been tracked up.  At that point, I figured he might as well get to run around on the mulch, too, and he fell down so much he looked like a compost pile.  I’d just vaccuumed before we left, but I figured no big deal.  I it was warm enough that I could just take his shirt and pants off before we went back in the house. 

By the time we got home, he was squirming and trying to get out of his stroller, and as soon as I got his clothes off he took off in just his diaper and boots.  Now, I’m a good mom, so I followed him and put his hoodie on him so he wouldn’t get cold.  I figured that would be warm enough for a little bit- there were girls at the playground in shorts, so bare legs weren’t completely unreasonable.  He did ok until he tripped over a snow pile in the back yard, and didn’t want to touch the snow with his hands to get up again, so I picked him up and put him inside.  I set him down and went to the bathroom, and he followed me in a gleeful way.  Back in the kitchen, I spotted his diaper on the floor- his hoodie was long enough that you couldn’t tell.  And was he ever happy!  He started running away and laughing, looking like the cutest little elf in his Zelda boots and big red hoodie. 

It was exciting for both of us- will he pee on the floor?  Poop on his boots?  This was true narrative tension! 

Purely as a favour to Noah’s future self, I did not get out the camera, but it was super cute.


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  1. Lorna Hendry said,

    March 8, 2010 at 5:23 am

    Noah is looking forward to the freedom of being potty-trained, even if he doesn’t know it yet! Good-bye bulky diapers that slow me down! And for parents, good-bye messy diaper changes. Of course some of the in between bits won’t be so fun.

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