I don’t want to be that mom, the one who is convinced her baby is so precious and amazing and unlike any other baby out there.  But I do want to tell about some stuff Noah’s been doing which is uncommon baby behaviour.

At his last doctor’s visit, he didn’t get any needles but he did have to give blood to get his hemoglobin and lead levels tested.  So the tech pricked his thumb, then squeezed out several drops of blood one by one.  Not a cry, not a peep.  He just sat there and watched it.  She was amazed.

Last time we picked Noah up from daycare at the gym, he shocked the lady in charge.  He usually plays with the toy kitchen, with food and dishes.  Because of where the kitchen is, we can’t see him when we come in, but the lady working there can see both us and him.  So she looked over and said, “Noah, Mom and Dad are here.”  And we called him a bit.  Then she looked at us and said, “He’s putting away his toys before he comes!”  And then he ran over.

He’s shocking everyone with his awesome potty skills.  He’s only 19 months old, and he’s getting really good at holding it, and peeing on command.  We even brought our potty to the library today and he used it in the bathroom after storytime.  We started by having him pee before bath time a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s been getting about 50% of his pees in the potty instead of his diapers, if I put him on the potty regularly and we say psssss together.  Then last night he got kind of stressed because he was in the den alone, and he grabbed his bumbo and raced through the living and dining room and kitchen carrying it towards the bathroom.  He was wet by the time I got him to the potty, but I’m pretty sure he knew he had to go and was trying to deal with it the new way.

All the moms at storytime were also amazed because he fell asleep in the stroller on the way there, so I just picked him and took him in, and he just sat on my lap asleep for the first five minutes as I bounced and sang and blew in his face and tried to wake him up.  The kid sleeps hard.  In fact, I usually put him down for his midday nap by taking him home in the stroller or the car, and I can just pick him up and carry him in to his crib and he sleeps right through it.  At nighttime, we often bring him in, change his diaper, put on pjs, and sometimes I even make him pee, and he doesn’t wake up.

And today he shocked me by putting on his old sandals by himself.  They only have two straps that close with velcro, and he put them on while I was organizing his closet.  Super Noah!  Unfortunately, those are the sandals that are too small and too stinky and too hard to run in, so he doesn’t get to wear them anymore and I won’t buy him another pair like that- we are firm converts to the Teva Omnium now.


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  1. elewinnek said,

    August 7, 2010 at 1:56 am

    It’s okay to be that mom, because Noah sounds amazing. And if you don’t write this stuff down then you may forget it, you know? At least that’s what I tell myself, about my own kid.

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