Noah’s really starting to fill out his imaginary world lately- he still doen’t show much interest in his baby doll, but he’s doing a great job of looking after Bear.  Bear’s been hanging around the house wearing underwear for a few months now because he is potty-trained- but we still have to help take him to the potty, and help him to sit and go with sound effects, and then Noah will dump out his bear droppings into the toilet.  You would not believe how many times in a row that Bear can poop!

A couple days ago, Bear also needed a nap.  But this was more of a lesson in sad and happy.  Noah tucked in Bear and himself into my bed, and they each got a book to read- Noah got a sesame streeet book and Bear got a kitty book.  I looked away, and Noah told me “Sad!  Sad!”  Bear was sad.  “Where kitty book?  Kitty book gone!  Sad.”  Noah had hidden the kitty book under the covers- so we pulled it out and found it for Bear, and then he was “Happy.”  We redid that play a few times, until Bear could get to sleep.

I bought Noah a set of toy dishes at the jumble sale in October, and he’s really liked them- though many are lost already.  He’s been serving everyone tea and water, with the yellow cup on the yellow saucer, red cup on the red saucer, etc.  I hope he still likes this game when Sara gets into tea parties, too.

Then last week he found a pot of imaginary soup in the downstairs bathroom, and he didn’t have time to get the dishes out.  So he started bringing me handfuls of soup instead.  It was so cute, I called Dave into the room to come see.  But Dave didn’t realize that there was a pot of soup in a specific place in the bathroom- he thought Noah was just making us dinner.  So he started asking for other things, too, like cheese or a cookie.  And each time, Noah would go into the bathroom, and look around, and make worried little noises, and then come back and let us know there wasn’t any.  There was only the pot of soup, so Daddy had to settle for a handful of soup like everyone else. 

He says such complete thoughts in a combination of gestures and noises and words, that it’s hard to replay in my mind just how he communicates- like with the soup, I knew exactly where it was and knew that he tried to find a cookie and couldn’t, even though he would have liked to give it to his Daddy.  But probably the only words he said during that whole game were “soup” and “no”.



  1. Eileen said,

    December 2, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    Awesome! This story makes me really happy with the toy I have picked out for Noah’s Christmas present. FYI – I wanted to get him a whole play kitchen, but was afraid you would think it was too extravagant so I restricted my choice.

  2. Jennifer said,

    December 13, 2010 at 3:19 pm

    Chandra says that Cameron’s bear has the same pooping affliction as Noah’s. I guess it’s going around.

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