birthday interrupted

I’ve been so excited about Noah turning two- last year, turning one just didn’t register that much, but two seems like a really big deal.  We had a huge birthday party planned for yesterday- about 10 toddlers and 20 adults- but then all three of us came down with colds.  Not only did it not seem fair to bring our friends to our germ-filled house, but it was also really hard to try and put together a party when we all felt awful.  Not to mention, Dave has been super busy getting ready for a major audit on Noah’s actual birthday, so we have both been working on that stuff.

So we’ve postponed until New Year’s Day morning- we figured that people with toddlers would be up at the same time anyway, and there’s never anything to do on New Year’s Day itself.  (Postponing only one week would have landed us right on Christmas/Boxing Day.)  It looks like more people will be away or have family visiting during that time- which is fine, we can have just as much fun with half as many kids over, but it’s one more time that Noah’s birthday being right next to Christmas is hitting us hard. 

We’re already having trouble deciding if we’re getting him the right amount of presents- we went for a super awesome Christmas present, which means his birthday presents may seem paltry in comparison.  Not that he’s going to be comparing this year, but we can tell.  Luckily, he loves everything- he’s been having a great time learning about snowmen and gingerbread men and playing with his puzzle ornaments, so I think we might try making cookies together this week.



  1. Jennifer said,

    December 21, 2010 at 1:42 am

    Happy Birthday, Noah!

    The whole close Christmas/birthday thing is a tough situation. When he gets older, you’ll be able to ask him whether he wants one super-awesome present or two separate ones, but the next 8 years or so will be up to you. I don’t think it matters whether you think one of the gifts is paltry in comparison; sometimes it’s the stuff that isn’t expensive that they have the most fun with.

    Oh, and the whole story about colds and disease is a good cover, but I’m going to assume you’re really just going with my Ukranian birthday plan. It works out for me; at least my present might be there in time this way! I would be a lot better at getting gifts mailed on time if all gifting events were celebrated on the Julian calendar.

  2. Mom said,

    December 21, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    Hi! was going to phone on Noah’s birthday but thought you would be busy with birthday stuff. Talking on the phone with a cold is absolutely no fun so will hold off on phoning for a few days. Hope he had fun in spite of the colds. Love, mom

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