first week of school

Noah finished his first week of school today.  He went one morning before Christmas, which didn’t go so well- there was crying, ninja pooping, and clinging, but so far in January it has gone great!  He’ll be going on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and he actually did a bonus day today because his grandmother was supposed to watch him but was sick.  Normally, having babysitting cancelled at the last minute is a big deal, but now I can just call his school that morning, see if they have space, and drop him off for 3 hours.

At school, Noah does letter projects, circle time, music, colouring, and some kind of physical activity every day- they are not taking the kids out to the playground, even though temperatures are only hovering around freezing, but they go to the gym and play in an indoor bouncy castle for 1/2 hour, which Noah is thrilled with.  He told me about it the first day: “Up.  Uppy down.  Up. Down.  Uppy downy. Gym.”  Today when I picked him up, he didn’t even want to leave, he tried to run down to the hall to the gym again.

And, Noah has been perfectly toilet trained at school this week- he still doesn’t want to go sit on the potty when we’re at home, but he pees there for me or his teacher. I also think it’s boosting his confidence when he has to go to the daycare at our gym- he’s run right in the past couple of evenings, instead of being pushed in struggling.  The big drawback, though, has been his insistence on constant attention from me when he isn’t at school- it’s wearing me down and he’s treating Dave really poorly because he is so clingy to me that when Dave tries to engage him he screams and struggles.  I’m hoping that goes quickly- one of the other dads from Noah’s class said the same thing happened when his daughter started, and it went away within a week or so.


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  1. Jennifer said,

    January 10, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Aw… Noah’s such a big boy, going to school! I’m told that they typically do get over the clinginess relatively fast. The bouncy castle sounds awesome, too… I wish they had had that when we were in preschool.

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