sleeping like a baby

Getting Noah to sleep has always been a lot of work…things have kind of gotten easier and we have a pretty good system now, but that system involves running him hard in the morning so he can nap, then not even trying to start his bedtime routine until at least 9 at night. But when he’s ready to sleep, we really don’t have a choice in a matter.

On our big overnight hike in the High Peaks (write up on that to follow) I was a little worried about him needing a nap, but we were just hoping we could get all our hiking each day done by 2, so we could throw up a tent and put him down at the campsite on the first day, or in the car on the second. Didn’t work. Both days took longer than we expected, and so we ended up carrying our limp kid as we walked. Last time I weighed him, he was 32 pounds- but just like a cat, when he falls asleep it’s more like 80. He just sags and doesn’t help by holding on at all. We know all about this, so we did everything we could to keep him up- songs, talking, games, slapping him in the face- nothing. So we basically hauled a 35-pound sack of potatoes for an hour, as well as our backpacks.

Then yesterday, we were trying to have a nice chill day and do whatever Noah wanted after the hike. So we got on the boat well before noon to take him out for ice cream, and he fell asleep on the way. Slept through getting transferred to the car, and we could barely wake him up for ice cream. But that 20 minute nap gave him enough juice to fight off his regular afternoon nap- we gave up trying at about quarter to seven. We had really wanted him to nap so he could stay up late enough to see the fireworks- they shoot them off from a barge on the lake, and everyone floats on their boats to watch them. So of course, the boat put him to sleep before we even got to the middle of the lake. Dave tried to wake him up when the fireworks started, but it was no deal. Shaking, yelling, tickling, nothing gets through unless he is ready to wake up. So one more year of no fireworks for Noah- I think he did the same thing last year.

(Reading sleep theory suggests this is why he had so much trouble sleeping through the night, because it is such a shock to his system to wake up from such a heavy sleep that it is was harder for him to go back to sleep after rousing than it would be for a lighter sleeper.)

Of course, sometimes his heavy sleeping is ok- last night there was a bang so loud it woke up Dave and his dad in the next room. When Dave got up to check on it, he found Noah in the middle of the floor- he seemed to have rolled off his bed, then off the pillows next to it, and hit the floor pretty loud. Still sleeping.


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