This is some of Noah’s cutest conversations lately. I was looking at some things I wrote from a few months ago, and it is so cool how much he can communicate now!

In the car on our way to meet a friend (names changed to protect the innocent, because I think there was some untruth in this story.) “Ann is my friend. And Beth is my friend. And Chad…Chad…Chad…” I prompted him, “And Chad is your friend?” Noah: “No, Chad pushed me.” Me: “Really? Did Chad push you?” Noah: “Yeah. Chad pushed me down and broke my crown.”

After Dave put Noah to bed one night: “Help! Help! Help! I need my snuggles! I can’t get any snuggles with no people here.”

Putting Noah down for his nap, I said, “And if you need snuggles, you can snuggle with Blue.” Noah: “But I want people snuggles!”

A different night when Dave was still putting him to bed, I heard screams of anguish, “I want my booger! I want my booger! I want my booger back!” This was a 15 minute tantrum that is cuter in retrospect than while it was happening.

“Blue has paw prints. And Bear has paw prints. But I don’t have paw prints. Maybe we can buy some at the store.”

Walking to the playground, “Where’s Daddy?” Me: “Daddy’s at work.” Noah: “Why?” Me: “Daddy has to work to pay for our house, and our food, and all the things we buy.” Noah: “Daddy buy me a dinosaur? A red one.”

Every time we read Danny and the Dinosaur, and we get to the page where Danny sees all the dinosaurs in the museum, before one talks to him, “Maybe he pick the red one.”  ***SPOILER*** He picks the yellow one.  Every time so far.  ***END SPOILER***


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  1. Jennifer said,

    August 25, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    Yeah, red dinosaurs are the best ones. It does seem like his conversational ability has progressed since mom and I were there; it’s amazing how fast kids learn!

    Oh, and another comment for the next post: the paper bag princesses are adorable!

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