the imaginary popcorn

Noah has a hair-trigger emotional response…he can go from happy to devastated instantly, but it also never lasts long. I think it’s all a part of when he’s happy he’s really really happy, but when he’s sad, he’s really really sad.

And he’s been completely spoiled by being best friends with the nicest two-year old in the world, so every time he was slightly upset, or wanted a toy she had, or her snack, or anything, she would rush to comfort him and let him have his way. She finally stuck up for herself in the most adorable way: I had told them “No tv” so they were sitting on the couch pretending to watch a movie. And she was pretending to have popcorn, but she wouldn’t share it with Noah. Meltdown!

When Noah asked a second time, she said it was all gone, so I asked her to make more. But she wouldn’t because the imaginary movie was over. Tears! And she totally stood her ground, and would not make more popcorn even when she admitted it was making Noah sad not to get any…this was such a bad fight I ended up separating them, but only Noah was actually upset and his friend was perfectly calm. He’s never had his best friend say no to anything, so this imaginary popcorn was about the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

(We also took them both to see the Lorax on Saturday night, and Noah was terrified by the previews and cried and had to sit on Dave’s lap during one scary part, but she was perfectly fine. And they held hands through most of the movie and walking out- Noah’s first movie date!)

One thing that did crush Noah’s friend was when she didn’t get to sit next to him at the table at school yesterday- she’s tough, but that was worth tears. As their assistant teacher said, “You’d think they’d be sick of each other by now!”


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