baby lion

Noah’s so brilliant. And interesting. He’s been saying hundreds of fascinating things lately, I won’t begin to remember any of them. Of course, sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating, when I’m trying to read him a book and he can’t stop asking about some continuity failure in the illustrations, and I just want to keep it to a page a minute…

Last night going into Trader Joe’s he asked me, “Why is that lady on tilted up shoes?” We don’t usually hang with the high heels set.

Then, inside, he pointed at another woman with a lot of jewelry and makeup, and asked, “Why is she Evil Mother?” (Evil Mother is what they call the witch in Tangled.) I hushed him up, and told him not to point, and not to say people were like Evil Mother- hoping his voice was quiet and unclear enough that nobody knew what he said. Afterwards, he gave me more details and I realized it was one of the pictures they draw to illustrate each product…probably some funny/sexy cartoon of a dark haired woman, or a witch. Not as rude as I thought.

Also last night, we were having a great talk at dinner about the kids at his school.

(Three mornings a week, he goes to the same class he has been in since the day before he turned two, so he has gone from the youngest kid to the oldest kid. That class has aged a bit since then because they introduced a second two-year old class, so they are holding kids back and it is now full of all his friends from my moms club, as well. At the parent teacher meeting in January, his teacher suggested moving him up to the next class in May, but I wanted him to stick with his best friend who is a little younger- and because the older kids class gets younger in September when some leave for kindergarten, we agreed that they could both wait until then. )
But at dinner, Noah was talking about his friend Aidan from the older kids class- because they sometimes do gym with the older kids, and he stays one afternoon a week so he knows those kids, too. He was asking if I could call Aidan’s mommy and get him to meet us on the playground sometime, and I had to say I didn’t know his Mommy or Daddy and so I couldn’t call them. His answer: “Use your phone!” So we went over how you need to know somebody’s phone number to call them.
But I started trying to probe him about the older kids- I was trying to figure out if he really wanted to go to the older kids class, even though most of the kids I know are in the younger class. I asked him, “Would you like to go to the older kids class in the mornings, too?”
His answer? “I had a baby lion, but he’s gone.” ?!?
Was this related? I asked, “Was he at school?”
“Yes. We should call him”
“Well, we can call him next time we go to school, we can call him and look for him.”
“No, call him from here! On the phone.” There was more: “I know his phone number. It’s 8.”


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  1. Lorna Hendry said,

    March 26, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    He seems to understand phones quite well. Is he getting his own soon? I can see he will soon need to call his friends himself.

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