Awesome things Noah has said

Calling his Grammy on her birthday, “We are not sure who will be making you your birthday cake, but if it is us, I would be delighted.”

“Something bad happened in my sleep. It wasn’t a bad dream, it was a good dream but it ended real quick and I didn’t like it. Sara and I were married, and we were reading mommy and daddy books, and then we went to bed and that was the end.”

“I have a dark secret.”

“Angry Birds happened a long time ago, before they had wings. That’s why they get shot out of the slingshot, because birds didn’t have wings back then.”

“This potty is for all kinds of people. You know, boys, girls,… all the kinds.”

“These buns are really good with ice cream. Kathryn and I snuck out one night and we made sticky buns and had them with ice cream.”

And the most beautiful conversation with both boys in the bath this morning:

Noah: “I think Will is going to have yellow hair. I like that. It’s ok that his eyes are blue, but it’s good he has yellow hair.”

Me: “It’s nice because he will look a little bit like you but a little bit different. Because I didn’t need another Noah, I already had one.”

Noah: “You needed Will?”

Me: “I didn’t know I needed him until we got him but I do now.”

Noah: “No, I was the one who needed Will.”


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