Rescue bots

Will started to point on his ten month birthday. His first ever point was at a rescue bot, and he followed it with his first word, “Bot”. (I can’t actually count this as he says bop! and bot! constantly.) now he is pointing up a storm!

The rescue bots are getting earned as sticker chart rewards…Noah and I were just having too many fights over daily chores like getting dressed, putting on shoes- basically if I didn’t yell at him, it didn’t happen, but then he would get hurt and feel like I didn’t like him. So getting him out the door was a struggle. I can also use stickers to make him choose whether he wants snacks from the vendies, which was another stress point for us. His best guy friend also started a sticker chart independently, and get him into the bots- Noah’s long range plan is to get all the rescue bots, then some letter bots. Sometimes the boys let Sara hold a rescue bot, but I don’t think she understands what an honour it is. Will just likes the wheels, but he can see how Noah treasures them so he wants them most, too.

All this would go better if they weren’t sold out everywhere- I am having to order them online and pay shipping, and the next one up is even sold out online so is only available from resellers for twice the price…


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